Website Development Agreement

Signature Digital Website Development Agreement

Terms and Conditions and Web Development Agreements are typically very long, wordy, full of legal and technical jargon and are usually very one-sided.  We here at Signature Digital believe that the building of your website is a partnership between you as the client and us as the service provider.  As such, we believe that it should only be necessary that we have a short and basic agreement and that anything not covered in this Agreement is easily resolved in a fair and equitable manner between us as partners.

  1. All transactions, payments and agreements will occur between you as the client and us, being Signature Australia Group Pty Ltd – ABN 76 621 667 892 – operating under the Signature Digital brand.
  2. All quotes and prices are valid for 30 days from the date listed on the quote
  3. All deposits and fees paid are non-refundable whilst keeping in mind that we shall continue working on your project, subject to the scope of the project, until you as the client are satisfied and have indicated as such in writing.
  4. We will begin your website design and build AFTER you have provided us with all content and images necessary to complete the project.
  5. We will deliver your completed website within 14 days from the date that we receive your information in 4 above
  6. Designs will be submitted for your approval based upon the content that you have provided and any special requests that you have made in completing your Development Questionnaire.
  7. We use templates and WordPress design themes as a starting point for the design of your website based upon the content that you provide us. Our design team then customise each website to provide a unique product that best suits your business, brand and purpose.
  8. We offer our client’s unlimited revisions until you are happy. We ask that our clients are fair and reasonable in their request for revisions.  If you complete the Development Questionnaire as fully as possible then revisions will be kept to a minimum.
  9. When asking for revisions and changes we ask that you help us by providing specific guidance on what you would like changed. We will require clear direction before making content edits and revisions.
  10. We will upload all content that you provide us in the Development Questionnaire. We are not responsible for the editing or copywriting of your content however we will provide you with as much assistance as could be reasonably expected.  We can arrange professional copywriting services for you at an additional cost should you request this.
  11. We include a number of plugins in each package to enhance functionality specific to your needs. In some cases there may be opportunities for you to select additional plugins to enhance the functionality of your website even further.  We will provide you with a list of acceptable plugins that you may select from.  Additional plugins over and above the number included will incur additional fees
  12. We will include all features that are listed for the package purchased.
  13. We do not provide domain names or hosting services but will assist you in finding the best supplier for your needs is required.

Additional Charges

Additional charges over and above the advertised package price will be incurred for the following:

  1. GST
  2. Additional Pages over the maximum number allowed for the package selected
  3. Additional plugins to enhance and increase functionality
  4. Additional stock images over the number allocated to each package
  5. Design customisation outside of the designs, templates and themes offered
  6. Professional copywriting services
  7. Modifications to images including resizing, photoshopping etc
  8. Integration with external services and platforms e.g. Mailchimp
  9. Any other service that is outside the scope of the features listed for the selected package
  10. Flash and animation services


  1. All website development projects will proceed upon payment of the relevant Set-Up Fee
  2. Upon completion of the project and the signing off by you the final payment will be payable
  3. Your website will then be handed over to you, launched and all admin logins provided for you.
  4. An alternative payment plan arrangement may be offered to selected clients who will pay a Set Up Fee and then 9 x monthly payments of $99 + GST.