Why WordPress?


Here are some facts that will help you to understand why we build websites for our clients using the WordPress platform.

WordPress is:

  1. Used by up to 43.6% of the websites on the internet – more than 75 million out of around 172,000,000 active websites across the World. It is THE most popular CMS (Content Management System) in the World.  Even more amazing is that 37.18% of the top 10,000 highest traffic websites in the world are WordPress websites.
  1. A versatile platform that allows us to build ANY type of website for you
  1. 99% search engine and SEO friendly (according to Google) + there are many SEO WordPress plug-ins that are available to improve search engine visibility even further
  1. Easy to use and customise – once we have built your website for you, you don’t need to be tech-savvy to update content and images yourself, add additional pages etc.
  1. Part of a massive community of users and developers that you can access for help. One problem with using other frameworks is that it is often difficult to find someone else that can read the code that your website has been built with.  That problem doesn’t exist with WordPress.
  1. Very safe and secure – especially if you are on a Maintenance Package that includes security updates- continually making it difficult for hackers to intrude.
  1. Multimedia friendly – images, video and audio are all easy to use in WordPress
  1. Able to extend its functionality for all users. There are more than 50,000 plug-ins available, enabling your website to become an even more powerful tool for you.
  1. Always getting better...new versions, updates and improvements means that your WordPress website will be constantly evolving.
  1. A platform that looks great on mobile devices
  1. A platform that has a long history – it has been around since 2003 (a lifetime in internet terms)
  1. Compatible – a WordPress website will easily and seamlessly integrate with other applications that you may already use such as cloud storage, email management, CRMs and payment gateways.
  1. A platform with a massive reputation – being used by huge corporations, large businesses and Government organisations. It is regarded as the most-trusted web development platform in the World.