11 Reasons That May Indicate You Need a NEW Website

  1. You don’t already have one

This one is pretty obvious but in the world of business today, any business of any size, you need to have an online presence of some sort.  So if you don’t already have a website then it’s about time you did something about it!

  1. Your current website is difficult to use and hard to navigate

Very simply, if your website visitors struggle to get around your website, get frustrated when trying to find exactly what they want and they don’t take the actions that you want them to…then they will leave your site and they are lost to you forever.

The only way to fix any of these problems is with a new website.

  1. Your website isn’t mobile-friendly

Last year, 52.2% of all website traffic came through mobile phone use.  If your website isn’t up-to-date in terms of mobile responsiveness then that is 52.2% of website traffic that you are losing.  Can your business afford to lose that many potential customers and clients?

Not only will it hurt you in terms of lost customers and sales but t will also hurt you badly with our ‘Google friend’.  Google hates websites that don’t work well on mobile devices so you will be heavily penalised in terms of rankings and your website will slip down the rankings quickly – so it then doesn’t matter that your site isn’t mobile-friendly …because nobody will find you anyway!

  1. Your website is slow!

Another thing that both customers and Google hate is a website that is slow to load.  There is a real trade-off between having beautiful images and Flash and animation etc (that all take longer to load) and the speed that is optimal to enhance the customer experience and to please the Search Engines like Google.

If your website is old and takes ages to load then you need a new site!  By the way, average load speeds across the internet are about 10 seconds…but now SEO professionals are recommending 3-5 seconds as being optimal.

  1. Your website doesn’t truly communicate your brand persona

There are many amazing businesses across the country but judging them solely on their websites, you’d never know! Your website should be both an online showroom and salesperson for your business. It should communicate the quality of your products and service, the depth of your experience, the uniqueness of your offering and the other aspects of your business that are important in the buying decision.

If your website doesn’t give the same or a better impression than talking to you in-person, it’s time for a new website.

  1. Your website and your marketing strategy don’t align

Whatever your marketing strategy, if the messages are different there from the messaging on your website then you are headed for disaster.  Seeing an ad for your business in print or on radio or TV will usually lead to a visit to your website – if there is a disconnect between the 2 experiences then your customer will be lost.  This is particularly so with the huge number of social media users these days.  If a customer or potential customer finds you on social media …and then visits your website then the messaging should be seamless.  If it isn’t then you need a new website…or at the very least an updated version of the old one.

  1. Your website is confusing for your customers

Today, moreso than at any time in the past, purchasing decisions start with research online.  If a potential buyer comes to your website and can’t find the information that they want…for whatever reason…then they will leave and you have lost them forever.  They won’t come back!  Take a look at your website from the point of view of a customer (and it’s sometimes good to think of things from the point of view of someone who is a very inexperienced internet user) and if it’s confusing to you then it will certainly be confusing to them.

It’s hard enough to get visitors to your website in the first place…don’t lose them before they have had a chance to become a customer

  1. Your website is not ranking well in Google

This point has a direct correlation to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – and that is a whole topic on its own – but put simply, a lot of SEO happens on page (behind the scenes) of a website and its pages.  If your website hasn’t been built with solid On-Page SEO foundations originally then it’s time for either a complete SEO overhaul or a new website.  In many case a new website with solid On-Page SEO principles built into it is the better way to go.

  1. Your customers want to buy online but your website doesn’t offer that service

These days more and more customers are looking for the convenience and speed of making transactions and purchasing online.  If your customers, or even just some of them are looking for this facility…but your website doesn’t offer this then you may be missing out on many sales opportunities.

  1. Your website doesn’t compare well with your competitors


With so much research being done online before purchasing decisions are made buyers will always compare your website to others they have seen.  If one has a modern unique website with great information and is easy to use…and yours is an old generic one that looks tired and unprofessional – then who will get the business?

Cast a critical and honest eye over your own website and then compare it with others offering similar products or services.  Does yours stack up?  If not then it may be time for a new one!

  1. Does your website convert?

Ask yourself honestly – does my website convert visitors into leads or sales?

If not – then you need a new website!